This year, Annabelle again presented the competition films of the Berlinale as well as the awards ceremony for the European Shooting Stars and the Golden Bear of Honour in German and English.

For BMW she hosted the Product and Brand Experiences in Lisbon, for IFA the Global Press Conference in Huelva and in St. Wolfgang the Legends of Aviation together with John Travolta.

In autumn she took over the leadership of the Talkenden on diversity and integration for SAP, the Charity Ladies Lunch for DKMS Life and the opening of the 19th French Film Week in Berlin (in German and French).



Annabelle Mandeng has been an inherent part within event- and television presentations.

Due to temporary stays abroad she is - next to her mother tongue language German - accentless in English and French and switches fluently between the three languages during her presentations.

This showreel shows Annabelle presenting live at a selection of events.



Cast Info

Cast Info

Date of birth: 1971 in Göttingen
Residence: Berlin
Nationality: German
Age to play: 35 – 45 years

Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Type: Afrogerman
Height: 1m80 /5’11“
Size: 34/36

Mother tongue: German
Second mother tongue: English
Fluent: French
Singing voice: alto

Sports: horseback riding, scuba diving, downhill skiing, volleyball, basketball, ice skating, inline skating, boxing, stand–up paddling
Instruments: piano
Dance: ballroom dance, modern dance, tango argentina
Driving licence: car (B), motorbike (A)


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